We grew up immersed in the traditions of the ‘Tonnara degli Infreschi’ – ‘the Infreschi tuna fishing’, so we have enormous respect for the sea and its creatures. We carefully choose only the best fish products caught with hook and longline. Tuna, swordfish and amberjack rigorously caught by sustainable fishing methods are hand processed using traditional artisanal methods and packed in glass to display the firm meat and delicate colour of our fillets.

The passion, the unconditional goodwill towards our land is the task we embrace every day: bringing to the table not only excellent tuna, swordfish or amberjack, but also part of our memory, together with the sounds, colour, and the smell of sea waves.

Today we are guided by three basic concepts:

Quality: our fish, rich in fatty acids, omega-3s and noble proteins, is processed and packaged exclusively by hand, following the methods of the ancient Cilento traditions.

Sustainability: we think that the sea and its goodness is for everyone, for this reason we only use longlines, ancient artisan tools that have low impact on the environment and don’t damage the marine ecosystem.

Excellence: we choose only the best oil to enhance the flavour of the best fish fillets and give you a unique experience. The extra virgin oil is so genuine that it’s also ideal for dressing salads and cooking.

our History

We were born in Baia degli Infreschi, Marina di Camerota.
Here, from the Middle Ages and until the middle of the last century, a prolific ‘tonnara’ – tuna fishing, was active.
The secrets of fishing, the work ethic, respect for the sea and its ecosystem have all been passed down to us.

Fundamental values handed down by our grandparents, whom we have had the good fortune to observe at work, even in the kitchen. From them we learned the recipes based on natural and genuine ingredients used to prepare the tuna. Later on, we proudly inherited and reinvigorated those traditions, creating a brand directly descended from those years.

We are proud to produce preserved food in extra virgin olive oil respecting the artisanal processing methods typical of the Cilento tradition. Our products are so good simply because we use an ingredient that few possess: passion! A strong passion, an indissoluble bond with the land that has led us, over the years, to rediscover, with effort, dedication and commitment, the tradition and history of tuna processing in our land, Cilento, and to maintain its values and strengths in our current production.

Our fish swims only in Italian extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, oil that can be used as a condiment and base for various dishes.

Artisan production