Wonders of the sea
in extra virgin oil


Fillets of Yellowfin Tuna in extra virgin olive oil have a pinkish colour and a superior firmness to the meat. They can be enjoyed as they are or as a base for sauces and first courses adding warmth and colour. Seasoned exclusively with excellent prime ingredients, particularly light, containing only 1% fat.

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WHITE TUNA (Albacore)

White Tuna (Albacore) fillets in extra virgin olive oil come from tuna caught in the Mediterranean Sea. White tuna is suitable for palates that enjoy delicate and subtle flavours. Its meat has a light colour and a lower fat content, making this tuna an ideal ingredient for the preparation of imaginative appetizers and mouth-watering gastronomic dishes, accompanying different ingredients without masking their flavours.

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Sustainably fished with hook and longline, entirely hand processed with artisanal care. Carefully selected cuts, chosen especially for their nutritious quality, are skilfully cooked, then packed into jars by hand to preserve the large chunks of firm meat. The addition of extra virgin olive oil gives this product a unique and refined taste.

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For years living in the shadow of the much more famous tuna, King Swordfish has finally decided to immerse himself in oil to give an incomparable, delicate but decisive taste, and an excellent nutritional value! Low in fat but rich in precious and noble proteins, expertly preserved through a completely artisanal process, it lends itself to accompanying aperitifs, lunches and dinners with dignity and elegance! Hard to resist now: hard times for Tuna!

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The amberjack, queen of Mediterranean blue fish, is noted for its firm, light and pink meat, with a delicate flavour and rich in precious nutrients. Skillful craftsmanship and the exclusive use of extra virgin olive oil for a preparation of unparalleled taste that will perfectly enhance any table as a perfect component of the Mediterranean diet.

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Healthy blue fish with a strong taste and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, good for the heart and palate. The glass jars guarantee the transparency of the product and the oil clearly displaying the craftsmanship.

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Mr. Octopus, notoriously shy, stops hiding and, lost in love with Mrs. Potato, holds her close with a hug ... It is said that this is the true story of one of the most famous, appreciated and versatile dishes of many marinas in Italy. Simple ingredients, prepared according to tradition, for a delicious appetiser or a quick and nutritious main course.

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Salted cod “sciuè sciuè”, a reinterpretation of one of the iconic dishes of Campania cuisine, is a perfect marriage between sea and land. The best salted cod from Norway, but expertly prepared and appreciated in the regions of Central and Southern Italy, meets simple vegetables, potatoes and cherry tomatoes in a pan, finally joining capers, olives and extra virgin olive oil. It accompanies white wines from Campania particularly well. A simple, quick and no-frills recipe “sciuè sciuè’’ is perfect for a complete and balanced main course or even for a quick appetiser.

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Our passion, combined with an enduring and unbreakable bond with this land, has led us through the years to recover, with dedication and commitment, the tradition and history of tuna processing in our region, Cilento.


In our factory we prepare tuna, mackerel, amberjack and swordfish in glass jars as our fathers did, with a few, simple, exquisite elements: fish, sea salt and excellent extra virgin olive oil.


Many recipes, stories and legends of our seas. All the news from the world of Marea.



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