The legend of palinuro and camerota

not everyone knows that the municipalities of marina di camerota and palinuro are linked by an ancient legend that sees the nymph kamaraton and the helmsman of aeneas as protagonists.

Palinuro, the young helmsman of Aeneas, fell in love with a pretty girl, named Camerota. He saw her swimming in the clear sea and completely lost his mind to her instantly. Palinuro immediately wanted to declare his strong love to her and asked for her hand, but the nymph was as beautiful as she was proud, in fact she refused him and did not want to know anything about his feelings. Palinuro, sad and pained, invoked the god Sleep and asked him to put an end to his sufferings.
When the boy died, Venus, the goddess of love, decided to punish the nymph Kamaraton and turned her into a rock (the promontory where the city of Camerota stands today), forced forever to look at Palinuro, the rejected lover.
Venus, not content with having turned the girl into rock, continued her revenge and the city of Camerota was plundered and sacked by cruel pirates.
So even today, the two unfortunate young people, Camerota and Palinuro, find themselves overlooking the sea, close, but not close enough to meet, separated by a long beach, which is the symbol of the road to a lost love.
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