An incomparable ingredient!

We are certain! Our tuna is so good not only thanks to the careful selection of all the ingredients, to the absence of additives, to our absolute refusal to use processes which are not natural, or even to the rigorous controls undertaken to produce every single jar of this product. If this was our only boast, we could be sure of producing a ‘good’ tuna, but one that would not really be that different from many other top quality products available. What sets our tuna apart and makes it so outstanding is simply the fact that we use an ingredient which many others lack: passion!  

A strong passion, an unbreakable bond with this region which has inspired and driven us through years of dedication, hard work and effort to understand and get to know the ancient traditions of working with tuna in the Cilento and to use them in our current production.

Historical evidence confirms that this region, and especially Marina Di Camerota, specialised in the capture and knowledgeable working with and transformation of tuna.

In particular, at Infreschi, an enchanting bay along the Marina Di Camerota coast, it is still possible today to see the traces of the extremely important fishing industry which was active here from medieval times to the 1950’s. Tuna is our land; an unbreakable bond! Our ancestors, with care and respect for the sea and land, developed ecosustainable techniques, for example, limiting the fishing season to a few months per year between spring and summer. These simple ‘secrets’ were passed down from father to son and are what made tuna fishing at Infreschi so important and prestigious from medieval times.

Many fascinating stories emerge from archived historical State documents that show a passion for tuna fishing and production that withstood hard work, fatigue, and the abuses of the local lord, the clergy and other nobles. Many documents show the feudal practice of having to offer up a part of the catch. We can clearly understand what a tough life it was for the tuna fishermen and the other simple folk who worked in the industry using ages old traditions and culture, firstly fishing, then processing the fish. It was an exhausting procedure and meant that these people lived for many months every year in the shadows of the coast.

This was a hard but simple life, living from the sea and respecting its resources. From these ancient traditions, we have strived to recreate the recipes of our forefathers, whose only ingredients for the excellent tuna production were tuna, sea salt, Cilento olive oil and passion! Nothing else!

This is why, today, with respect to our traditions and our land, we continue to work, to be able to offer a product that is different, excellent and delicious! Passion, that’s our secret ingredient!


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