About us

About us

Mare a Tavola S.r.l.

Our company boasts over 20 years’ experience in buying, processing and marketing fresh and frozen fish and seafood products. We specialise in premium products like tuna and swordfish, all of which come from qualified suppliers.

Marea brings to the market a quality product, made in Italy by specialised personnel: tuna in extra virgin olive oil.


We are proud to produce an excellent tuna in oil packed in glass jars. It is important to us that we use traditional artisanal methods from the Cilento area and every stage of the process is done by experienced people with care and responsibility for the environment and under rigorous controls. All the fish is caught by hand using hook and line methods from sustainable sources to guarantee its superior quality.

Tuna in olive oil is a food rich in flavour and also proteins, mineral salts, and omega-3 fatty acids. It is naturally gluten free and contains no preservatives or additives. This exclusive product has a long shelf life and is so convenient – the tuna can be used straight from the jar and its versatility makes it perfect for many different dishes: it can be used in the preparations of salads, starters, delicious main courses and as the base for authentic pasta sauces. The oil in which the tuna is packed is also excellent in salad dressings and used in cooking.

Our tuna in extra virgin olive oil is a premium quality product. The glass container guarantees the transparency of the product so that the rosy pink colour and the succulent compact meat can be fully appreciated.

The fillets are presented in their genuine, natural state so that the distinctive flavour is brought out with the sole addition of authentic Italian extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, and the tuna is then left to mature for a few months until it is ready to grace our table with its full flavour. The total absence of any flavour enhancing products guarantees the superior quality of our tuna. Mare a Tavola srl pays great attention to the correctness of all the phases of the process, from the traceability of the fish to the numerous and continuous laboratory analyses undertaken. All aspects from cleaning to labelling are subject to strict quality control in certified laboratories and adhere to all legislation regarding food safety and hygiene.